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Celebrate Life!

Celebrate Life!
By: Michele Ashby
September 18, 2015
Last Saturday night I had the privilege of celebrating my Father’s 90th birthday with our family.  For the first time in my life, I realized just how extraordinary our ordinary family is.  We are mostly Irish and some German, but my Dad is all Irish.  Our upbringing was during the 60’s in a small neighborhood in Denver, Colorado where all the houses on the block were basically the same.  Every house had at least 2 kids and we all played outside in the front yard every night until our parents called us in for supper. 

Some of the photos we found of Mom & Dad from those early days were reminiscent of a simpler time and my folks looked like movie stars. With their jet black hair and trim bodies, and the innocent and carefree expressions on their faces they represented a couple in love who were just beginning their lives together. My parents never fought – never that I knew of anyway.  My Mom says there was no need to argue – they were meant for each other and that was that.

They met on a blind date and both of them told their respective friends that “they didn’t like each other really that much on the first date”. Six months later, my Mom got sick with strep throat and when my Dad heard she was sick, he brought her some ice cream.  She decided he was a pretty nice fellow after all and they started dating after that.  The rest is history (61+ years later). And ice cream is still her favorite food group to this day.

When I hear stories about my Dad growing up and from my Mom and think of my growing up, I realize just how special he is as a human being.  He was never flashy or loud.  He was generous with his time and talent and he gave religiously to the church. After working all day, he would do chores, or work on the accounts for the church group that he was treasurer for and I would help him type up the account cards on the electric typewriter we had. Dad also prepared taxes for dozens of people from work and family members for free.  Some people would have us over for dinner as a thank you for him doing their taxes.  He just liked doing it.

He has always loved football and every season we would go to football games together, either college ball games or the Broncos no matter what the weather was like, and watch football together.  My Dad could tell me where any of the players came from, what schools they went, and all about their record.  Did I mention my Dad was really smart? 

He is a model of a man – a gentle heart, quiet, funny, articulate, generous, and loving.  He has lived a long and amazing life so far and still gets out and does what he can every day.  I am so lucky to have been blessed with this man as my Father and his life partner as my Mother.  I am one lucky girl. 

Happy Birthday Dad and many, many more.

Michele Ashby, Author of  Secrets of a Closet Millionaire; A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Freedom – available now on Amazon, Holistic Financial Guide and Coach, Executive coach and Key-note speaker  

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