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Spanish Without Grammar! The E-book Revolution.10 Free Copies Available for Giveaway.

Spanish Without Grammar! (Español Sin Gramática)

The ebook revolution has been driven mainly by fiction, especially popular genres such as romance and thrillers. But at Clic-books DM we’ve been looking at other ways to exploit reading on a small screen.

We publish ebooks for people learning languages. This is quite a challenge, because the ebook format is very simple; it’s basically just text. To make a language-learning book interesting and useful, it has to be quirky, something different from the normal reading experience.

Well, our books are fully bilingual. That’s the first difference. They help you practice a foreign language by letting you ‘click’ from screen to screen. Our titles typically have well over 1,000 ‘pages’ to click through, with every word and sentence translated for you into English.

Recently we thought about another ‘quirk’. Would it be possible to teach a language from scratch using this format, and to do so while avoiding all mention of grammar? Most people hate grammar, and it’s particularly daunting when you’re just starting off in a new foreign language. A book with NO grammar would be great, we thought...

So we wrote one. Here it is:


Its an experiment really. It’s not a textbook, but it will give you confidence in the language right from the start. The book will not make you a fluent Spanish speaker overnight, but it’s 100 % bilingual, so every word you read in Spanish will be accompanied by the English equivalent. 

The idea is to help you feel comfortable with Spanish through reading and practicing. Exercises are very short, and are all in Spanish and English, allowing you to progress at exactly your own pace, even if it’s just two minutes a day.

We think it’s a useful way to start (or restart) a foreign language. But we want to know what other people think. The kind of people who don’t like grammar!

So, if you’re interested in learning some basic Spanish, we’re giving away ten copies of FIRST STEPS IN SPANISH to readers of Oh My Bookness (Oh Mi Bookness). Plus, for the first person to respond, we’ll add two more books from our catalogue:

Please just mail us at:
Remember to tell us which format you need: mobi (for Kindle) or ePub (for other ebook reading devices)

Best wishes,
Sam Fuentes 
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