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Why I Write Science Fiction Romance from The Author of The True Calling Series; Siobhan Davis


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Siobhan Davis  (Author of the True Calling Series)

March 13,2015

Why I Write Science Fiction Romance 

Stephen King has said you should write firstly for yourself and then revise or edit your work with the audience in mind. I’ve also heard it said plenty of times, by various different authors, that you should write for your reader-self. Of course, there are others who say you should never write for your reader-self and instead you should focus on your target audience from the get-go and actively visualize your ideal reader.


Aaah!! Sometimes there is too much advice out there;all too readily available and most of it utterly distracting. While a large percentage of it is well-meaning it still has the potential to suck out the writer’s soul and crush authentic writing ability.


When I first decided to focus more seriously on my writing there was no question in my mind as to the type of story (genre) I would write. My love of science fiction started when I was barely out of diapers and I’ve already blogged on this site about my obsession with Star Wars from a very early age. (See previous post here: Http:// )


All the ideas and worlds floating around my brain for years were sci-fi related – either space or aliens or vastly different future worlds. Around the same time I started investing in my own writing, I was drawn into the young adult genre and devoured books like they were chocolate. (To be clear: I love chocolate. Salivating alreadyJ.)


I love the blending of action, adventure, swoon-worthy romance and life–or–death type scenarios that are typical of the YA books I read. I enjoy science fiction, dystopian and fantasy YA more so than contemporary or historical YA. I have a huge list of favourite YA authors including Laini Taylor, J K Rowling, John Green, Marie Lu, Veronica Roth, and Susan Kaye Quinn (a new fav). However, the authors who have most influenced my writing are Stephenie Meyer (I obsessed over the Twilight books), Suzanne Collins (such a talented writerand THG Trilogy is exceptionally well written in my opinion) and most recently Jennifer L. Armentrout (I worship at the altar of writing powerhouse, JLA.)


What I love most about these authors in particular is their ability to blend a compelling story with fast-paced action and a healthy dose of heart-breaking romance. Anyone who follows my reviews on Goodreads will know that I need a good dose of romance to feel connected to the story. I know lots of readers hate reading science fiction with strong romance threads but from my perspective, they go hand in hand.


For me as a writer it developed naturally from that point on: I had found the perfect book for my reader-self and the perfect genre to write in.


And it is for those reasons that when I put pen to paper I chose to write science fiction romance (or it chose me?)explicitly state this in my author profile and in book descriptions because I want readers to understand when they pick up one of my books that it is not purely science fiction nor a straight-up love story. It is a mix of the two, because those are the types of books that I love to read AND write.


Siobhan Davis is the author of YA science fiction romance series True Calling. 
True Calling, Book 1 in the series, will be available to download for free, exclusively on Amazon from 13th – 17thApril. 

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