Sunday, February 15, 2015

Reflection by Thomas H.Cullen

By: Thomas H.Cullen
January 21,2015

Seeing the whole, is what it means to break through... You want to say the impressive, or accomplish the impressive, what then this means is your having to widen your horizon. To "see" all of the current moment you're part of.
It hurts, to break through. In a current moment, perhaps not, but regularly, I find I experience feelings of hurt and sadness, trying generally to be someone of wide horizons...
We are vulnerable creatures - far more vulnerable, than casually we admit - something also, I find that moves me forcibly. If reality plays tricks with me (a term of language I don't enjoy using!), remembering this will provide that equal counterweight...
Despite the sheer quantity of them, just one 24 hour day is all it takes for an entire life to be destroyed; as much as it "does" hurt, living reality as a regular contradiction, I nevertheless feel the urge to.

Thomas H Cullen
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Posted 23rd December 2014

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